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About Bethanie Taylor

Bethanie was born and raised in Aurora, Colorado by her mother, a creative artist, and her father, an Air Force Veteran and I.T. technician. At an early age Bethanie worked alongside her mother on various creative projects ranging from costume design to home décor design. Her father being, an I.T. technician, would instill an understanding of current operating systems and design applications. All of this laid the groundwork at an early age for an advantageous future in graphic design.


Prior to graduating from The Art Institute of Colorado with a degree in Graphic and Web design Bethanie had already tapped into her entrepreneurial spirit by started her own graphic design company. Bethanie self-funded her schooling through the revenue generated by her own business. 

Now, operating as Content Kitten. She is devoted to bringing original, innovative design to each and every project. Believing in taking the time to listen to her clients needs she conducts result driven, visual conversation to direct the creative process. Her projects best communicate our clients vision and goals using iconic logo branding, info graphic designs, design psychology, digital + print brochures, commercials, photography and so much more.


Bethanie's company demonstrate her courageous love for life through a strong passion for expressive imagery. Her ability to stay ahead of current trends is a testament to her forward thinking approach toward graphic design. 

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